Squash Valley Water Situation Update

In the wells of Squaw Valley, they have had a water infection. Low levels of Coliform bacteria and E Coli bacteria were detected. There have been no known health issues reported relating to the water. People in the area are still advised not to drink the water.

The issue arose in October of 2016 from a rain storm in the county. Flooding of a water system at High Camp and Gold Coast caused the infection of the water system. No other water system in the area is infected. Squaw Valley is currently working with water specialists to treat the water. The E Coli bacteria is no longer present in three of them, but Coliform bacteria is still present in those three. The fourth well is unnecessary for their water system and so they may keep it offline for a longer time. Infected water was never served to the public.

The authorities in the area are working hard to resolve the issue. They will update their guests and will lift the ban on drinking water when they know it is safe to drink. The water will not be turned back on or become available to the public until it is safe. The infection could not have spread to the snow and bathrooms are still safe to use. Restaurants at Squaw Valley Mountain are currently closed due to the infection. Guests at High Camp and Gold Coast will receive free bottled water for their stay. They are currently only serving prepacked food. Skiers can still access the facilities and mountain for skiing.

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