Alexandre Gama Strikes the Right Chord for Success

Alexandre Gama has already established himself as one of the most influential and respected businessmen in the field of advertising and communications. His thirty year career in the field has been decorated with Cannes Film Festival awards, global advertising committee board member appointments, and countless accolades for his unique campaign work for leading businesses all over the world.

It is clear that Alexandre Gama has dominated the field from the time he began as a copywriter for top ad agencies up until now, as one of the most celebrated creative entrepreneurs of his generation. Alexandre is now on his way to creating new paths for himself in the music industry through his business VIOLAB, which he created in 2014. VIOLAB encompasses a recording label, music studio, and radio program. The focus on VIOLAB is on acoustic Brazilian music. VIOLAB even has a YouTube channel that highlights some of the most talented Brazilian acoustic guitar players and musicians out right now. Alexandre is going to new heights with his creative ventures, and it’s exciting to see the magic that he will create next.


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