James Larkin

Poverty was not enough to make James Larkin hopeless of a better future for himself and his family. Many people living and others being brought up in poverty often do not imagine their lives changing and becoming better or turning towards a better direction. James Larkin worked his way up life’s ladder, with nothing being enough to hold him back.


He met very many people in his life who influenced his life positively. Others not only made an impact in his life but also helped him worked towards his success in life. Success for James Larkin did not mean being very rich and owning a lot of property. Often, success is confused with richness, and at times it is said to be equaled self-fulfillment. For James Larkin, self-fulfillment was achieving equality of rights for the state people and even in other countries.


Having gone through the jaws of injustice and survived, James Larkin’s urge to seek justice and equality of rights for employees was just fueled. He did not stop at anything until in his quest for the rights of the workers who were being oppressed because of their low levels of experience. This was not fair, and trade unions were not as vigorous in fighting for what was fair as James Larkin was.


He made his first step towards introducing change in England when he became part of the influential NUDL. The Irish Labor Party and also the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union came to know how hard James Larkin had dedicated his life to fighting for equal treatment of workers.


He began trade unionism soon after his marriage. Elizabeth Brown, his wife, was initially very supportive of James Larkin’s activities. After the birth of their children, however, things changed, and Elizabeth wanted Jim to stick more to the family. James Larkin alone knew how hard life could get, and watching his children go through the same was not pleasing at all. He went on with the organization of NUDL, then later formed ITGWU and went ahead with the Irish Labor Party. His death in 1947 came after James had achieved quite a lot in his life.