Marc Beer: Developing Medical Treatments

Women’s health has become an increasingly important issue in the United States today. Many companies are starting to invest in technologies and medical procedures which would allow the development of new treatments for diseases that targets mostly women. Marc Beer, the former chief executive officer of a pharmaceuticals company, have thought about this issue and decided to establish a startup company called Renovia Inc., which is based in Boston, Massachusetts. The new startup will develop products that aim to treat pelvic floor disorders, and according to Marc Beer, the startup has already gathered the first phase of funding from several investors. They now have a total of $42 million funds, with $10 million of the fund coming from venture debt.



Marc Beer also revealed that his new startup company would be investing in the production of therapeutic products that would prevent its users from getting frequent urinary incontinence. According to the researchers, once the product of Renovia Inc. is released to the market, more than 250 million women around the world would benefit greatly from it. Leva, which is the first product created by Renovia Inc. has been approved by the FDA back in April 2018. The company aims to develop another product later this year, and they are hoping to bring Leva into the drugstores across the country before the year ends.



Renovia Inc. is still gathering additional funds for their future projects. One of the organizations which showed their support towards the efforts of Renovia Inc. would be the Longwood Fund, a healthcare company that invests in firms that develop products that can be used as a treatment. They invested with the company because they believed in its capabilities, and as they transferred the fund needed by Renovia Inc., the startup announced that they are ready to test four more additional diagnostic and therapeutic products. Marc Beer expressed his gratitude towards the businesses and organizations which are sending their help through financial means, and he promised the company’s investors that Renovia Inc. would continue with its goals of enhancing women’s health around the world.



Marc Beer stated that the continuous support coming from firms like Longwood Fund inspires them to innovate and develop more treatments for the benefit of the women. He is envisioning that the future would hold a lot of medical advancement because of the assistance that the field of medicine is getting from their benefactors. He is also delighted to announce that the new developments introduced by Renovia Inc. would cut the costs of health care for women, and it could also save lives. Marc Beer stated that he is excited to see what Renovia Inc. can do with all of the funding that it received from generous companies and organizations that support the development of new treatments. Learn more :


EOS Lip Balm Has Become Popular Worldwide

EOS lip balm has become one of the top beauty products in the last ten years. The company’s strategy led the little egg to become the country’s bestselling lip balm.

The company was started with Jonathon Teller and Sajiv Mehra’s “measured” approach. They discovered that most lip balms did not target women, despite the fact that women purchased 80 percent of lip balm products. Their research revealed that women wanted their bags to have lip balm containers. This inspired the pair to create the sphere container.

Women didn’t want to dip their fingers into the lip balm, but the pair’s product could be applied directly to the lips. The orbs are bright, colorful, sweet scented, and come in different flavors.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has certified eos lip balm as organic. The product does not have parabens and preservatives. Over 100 countries have asked to sell the lip balm.

Since they didn’t want outside investment, Teller and Mehra used their own money for funding the manufacturing. They created an automated process to meet customers’ demands. Teams that were knowledgeable in each new market were chosen. Mexico’s Walmarts had incredible sales before any direct retail efforts. There was a big Chinese demand after product placement on the show Gossip Girl.

Miley Cyrus displayed the orbs in the “We Can’t Stop” video. Jennifer Lopez used the lip balm in the “Booty” video. eos Crystal was used in Cardi B’s video “Bartier Cardi.” The orbs have been reviewed and praised on YouTube and Instagram by beauty bloggers.

Limited-edition collections have been released by Disney, Keds, and Rachel Roy. EOS has more than 6.6 million Facebook likes, two million Instagram followers, and 349k Twitter followers. The company launched the Aqua Collection; a facial skincare line that hydrates, softens, and smooths skin.

The Great Founder of Real Wealth Strategist and a financial advisor: Matt Badiali

It is very rare for a kid who has been brought up in some struggle to make a major difference in the investment world. However, Matt Badiali is one of the rare people who has turned their lives into success despite the way they were brought up. Matt Badiali is a reputable figure who is known in many circles including being the best financial advisor and a very wise investor.

A Look at His Education and Career Path

Matt’s knowledge and expertise in the natural resources industry can be traced from his educational background. After he accomplished his high school studies, Matt Badiali went to Penn State University where he pursued a degree in science. Later He joined Florida Atlantic University where Matt Badiali earned a Geological Studies masters degree.

As he pursued his doctorate course in Philosophy, Badiali had an opportunity to be introduced in the business as well as finance world. This was the turning point of his entire career. Matt worked very hard in understanding the challenging venture of finance.

His attempts were successful and as a result, he managed to attract thousands of clients as well as corporate entities who were in need of insightful, trustworthy and timely information related to finance and investment. Since his career started, the great Matt Badiali has been able to provide the most needed advice on the most critical problems affecting the industry or deemed to happen. Notably, the Titan is well-known for taking part in the formation of the solution toward non-renewable energy, which will be extinct soon.

Matt and the Real Wealth Strategist

No long ago, Mr. Matt Badiali was able to launch the great Real Wealth Strategist newsletter. This is a newsletter that attracted thousands of readers who were in need of his advice on investment and financial matters.

The information in the newsletters is crucial in helping people to invest in natural resources and in metals and earn significant profits. Some of the highest potential natural resources include mining materials, the gas industry, energy and precious metal just to mention a few. In particular, Matt targets any value that is offered by Mother Nature.

Sightsavers Is The Evil Worms’ Worst Enemy

The world’s most developed countries include most nations in Western and Central Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia. These countries are home to some of the best healthcare systems on planet Earth.


Thankfully, people, governments, and organizations are constantly involved in helping people from developing – also known as third-world countries – countries stay on top of their health issues.


Take, for example, Sightsavers. Founded nearly four scores ago, the blind United Kingdom resident Sir John Foster Wilson – he was blinded wholly and permanently by an accident in one of his high school’s chemistry classes – originally formed the organization as the British Empire Society for the Blind; later, its name was changed to the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind after the United Kingdom’s then-queen granted it royal privileges.


Since it was created some 68 years ago, Sightsavers has stopped roughly 300 million people around the world’s poorest regions of its worst-off countries stay out of the throes of onchocerciasis – also known as river blindness – funded the proper surgeries of about 6.25 million people with cataracts so thick that they were considered legally blind, and given about 50 million people the right kind and sufficient amounts to cover full courses of treatment and prevention against trachoma, a disease infamous for causing blindness called Chlamydia trachomatis.


Worms aren’t friends of people in these places, either


In the United States – not to mention most developed places around the world, as well – we know worms as the kind-of-long, slimy, squirmy fellows that live in gardens, flower beds, and in rich soil. Even though worms are mostly our friends in the US, they’re not in India and sub-Saharan Africa.


Sightsavers works around these two areas to deworm people for roughly $1.19 per kid, though treating people – those affected by either of the two NTDs (neglected tropical diseases), schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminthiasis, undergo quite a bit of pain and tons of worry before they’re treated, even if those treatments come as promptly as possible – costs $0.55 per developed case.


This nonprofit organization gets help from GiveWell to support some of its deworming programs around the world. GiveWell was founded over a decade ago and regularly gives multiple millions of dollars to Sightsavers to prevent preventable blindness.

Why Does Vijay Eswaran Believe We’re Always Two Minutes From The Abyss?

Vijay Eswaran is a man who has persevered through hard financial times to build a company that has changed people’s lives and really expanded multilevel marketing throughout Asia and the Middle East. He is also a man who studies many philosophies that come from leaders like Confucius, Mahatma Gandhi and even his father Vijayratnam. One that he shared with a blogger recently was the idea of always being two minutes from the abyss.

The idea is that you never know when your life could end, and that what you should live for is making personal sacrifices for the good of others. For Eswaran, selflessness is the key to winning people over, and learning to listen is what will make you a better person. He also is an advocate of Vedic practices and dieting.

Vijay Eswaran is both a native of Malaysia and has ancestry from India. His father, Vijayratnam worked for the Malaysian Ministry of Labor while his mother taught in the public school. Eswaran was well-educated and was able to attend the London School of Economics where he got his initial business training. He was unsure initially where he wanted to go with his career, so he worked a few odd jobs in Europe and then worked as a consultant for a few companies. But it was multilevel marketing that caught his attention in the early 1990s, and in 1998 he decided to partner with Joseph Bismarck to start QI Group Ltd in Hong Kong. Their chief subsidiary company is QNet which sells most of the QI products through independent associates. Eswaran is also the cofounder of RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayratnam Foundation, both of which assist needy communities and provide disaster relief.

Vijay Eswaran has turned QI Group into a such a dynamic force that he’s won awards and recognitions for it including Forbes Asia’s Top 20 Wealthiest and the New Global Indian award at the 2012 Global Indian Meet. He’s also a longtime representative for Malaysia at the World Economic Forum. He’s also written several books on spiritualism and entrepreneurship including the 2005 bestseller “In The Sphere Of Silence.”

Drew Madden takes new approach to healthcare with Evergreen Healthcare Partners

Over the last decade, Drew Madden has emerged as one of the key players in the U.S. healthcare industry. As the CEO of Nordic Consulting Partners, Madden was able to take that company from a small boutique consultancy and turn it into one of the premier powerhouses on the healthcare IT scene. By the time Madden stepped down from his role there, he had grown Nordic into a company boasting more than 700 employees that served more than 150 of the largest HMOs and hospital networks in the country.

But in 2017, Madden, alongside four other close partners in the industry, decided to branch out on his own and form Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a consulting firm dedicated to creating optimal patient experiences through a seamless integration of people and technology. Madden has stated that he finally realized, after spending nearly 20 years in the business and more than 10 years at Nordic, that he needed to build a new company from the ground up. The culture that he encountered at so many other companies and that pervaded the industry as a whole needed to shift in a fairly radical new direction. It was this realization that demonstrated to Madden that the only way forward was to start from scratch.

One of the key insights that Madden had was that the healthcare tech space was dominated by software geeks who are highly competent at creating great software systems but are not well versed in the realities of how actual medical professionals interact with those tools. As Madden saw problems arise again and again from a lack of understanding about what the real everyday problems were for healthcare practices, which were not being adequately addressed by the people writing and implementing the software, he realized that a more people-centered approach needed to be taken.

This was the origin of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Evergreen is dedicated to putting people first and software second. While the more than 25 consultants that work with Madden are still top software experts, he hand selected them for their ability to listen, learn from and act as mentors to the people who are most responsible for delivering the final healthcare product: people.

Find out more about Drew Madden: