Drew Madden takes new approach to healthcare with Evergreen Healthcare Partners

Over the last decade, Drew Madden has emerged as one of the key players in the U.S. healthcare industry. As the CEO of Nordic Consulting Partners, Madden was able to take that company from a small boutique consultancy and turn it into one of the premier powerhouses on the healthcare IT scene. By the time Madden stepped down from his role there, he had grown Nordic into a company boasting more than 700 employees that served more than 150 of the largest HMOs and hospital networks in the country.

But in 2017, Madden, alongside four other close partners in the industry, decided to branch out on his own and form Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a consulting firm dedicated to creating optimal patient experiences through a seamless integration of people and technology. Madden has stated that he finally realized, after spending nearly 20 years in the business and more than 10 years at Nordic, that he needed to build a new company from the ground up. The culture that he encountered at so many other companies and that pervaded the industry as a whole needed to shift in a fairly radical new direction. It was this realization that demonstrated to Madden that the only way forward was to start from scratch.

One of the key insights that Madden had was that the healthcare tech space was dominated by software geeks who are highly competent at creating great software systems but are not well versed in the realities of how actual medical professionals interact with those tools. As Madden saw problems arise again and again from a lack of understanding about what the real everyday problems were for healthcare practices, which were not being adequately addressed by the people writing and implementing the software, he realized that a more people-centered approach needed to be taken.

This was the origin of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Evergreen is dedicated to putting people first and software second. While the more than 25 consultants that work with Madden are still top software experts, he hand selected them for their ability to listen, learn from and act as mentors to the people who are most responsible for delivering the final healthcare product: people.

Find out more about Drew Madden: https://drew-madden.com/

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