EOS Lip Balm Has Become Popular Worldwide

EOS lip balm has become one of the top beauty products in the last ten years. The company’s strategy led the little egg to become the country’s bestselling lip balm.

The company was started with Jonathon Teller and Sajiv Mehra’s “measured” approach. They discovered that most lip balms did not target women, despite the fact that women purchased 80 percent of lip balm products. Their research revealed that women wanted their bags to have lip balm containers. This inspired the pair to create the sphere container.

Women didn’t want to dip their fingers into the lip balm, but the pair’s product could be applied directly to the lips. The orbs are bright, colorful, sweet scented, and come in different flavors.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has certified eos lip balm as organic. The product does not have parabens and preservatives. Over 100 countries have asked to sell the lip balm.

Since they didn’t want outside investment, Teller and Mehra used their own money for funding the manufacturing. They created an automated process to meet customers’ demands. Teams that were knowledgeable in each new market were chosen. Mexico’s Walmarts had incredible sales before any direct retail efforts. There was a big Chinese demand after product placement on the show Gossip Girl.

Miley Cyrus displayed the orbs in the “We Can’t Stop” video. Jennifer Lopez used the lip balm in the “Booty” video. eos Crystal was used in Cardi B’s video “Bartier Cardi.” The orbs have been reviewed and praised on YouTube and Instagram by beauty bloggers.

Limited-edition collections have been released by Disney, Keds, and Rachel Roy. EOS has more than 6.6 million Facebook likes, two million Instagram followers, and 349k Twitter followers. The company launched the Aqua Collection; a facial skincare line that hydrates, softens, and smooths skin.