Bob Reina Loves Hearing Success Stories From People Talk Fusion Has Helped

The only thing more rewarding than taking a risk that ultimately leads to you becoming successful in business is also providing a similar opportunity to others to follow that same path. That’s what Bob Reina, founder of Talk Fusion is excited about with his work. Reina explained in an interview with Inspirery that the stories of those who had found success in business as Talk Fusion associates were what was most important to Reina, and he likes to hear how he can improve his company even more to help them. Reina started this company because he loves using video to chat or to have a story produced, but he also loves giving to others and he’s made Talk Fusion as much about philanthropy as it is business.


Reina also told Inspirery that he went into direct selling for video marketing because while he enjoyed some things about being a police officer, he never felt he was at his full potential to help others with a tight schedule and limited paycheck. His entering the direct selling industry had its own set of mishaps and times when the paycheck was meager, but when the idea for Talk Fusion came to him it became immensely popular with everyone he showed it to. The company started out as simply email video software marketing, but it’s since included newsletters, presentations, conferencing and signup form software.Learn more :


Talk Fusion’s products are sold by associates who refer customers to them and earn commission on each sale they make. Associates can be eligible for rewards by meeting sales volumes and exceeding referral numbers. They can also participate in a giving program that allows them to give a Talk Fusion account to a charity of their choosing. Reina started this program because he’s active in the Tampa community volunteering at animal shelters and food banks. He also has sponsored orphans at various children’s homes across the world and has given to earthquake victims. Reina also writes columns from time to time about the impact of video advertising and storytelling at publications like the Huffington Post, and he recently returned to MarTech Advisor.

Mike Baur Behind the WorldWebForum

Can you imagine attending the WorldWebForum and meeting Mike Baur? Baur is the co-founder and managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory in Zurich, and he is currently a speaker on the investor panel for the WorldWedForum. This collaborative effort is designed to bring entrepreneurs together as well as to help them take their business ideas from the initial launch phase to the active, revenue generating phase. Those who attend as students or those who are investing in the partnership are able to attend the forum free of charge, but those who are not currently a part of this endeavor have the ability to purchase tickets.


The main goal for this collaboration is to help entrepreneurs launch properly, but this is also geared to help them to take innovation to the level of execution. The startup accelerator for SSUF as well as the co-working spaces are integral parts of the puzzle for Baur and his partners. The 3 month accelerator program is designed to give young startups just what they need when they need it most. Everything included the finances, services, mentoring, coaching, and learning how to maximize your office space is all inside this program for those who attend.


Co-working spaces are designed for likeminded individuals who are also developing a business plan and working to create a long-term endeavor. This is an opportunity to network with other ambitious individuals that are seeking out office equipment as well as those who want to seek out the best layout for an effective office space. Those who are a part of this aspect of the program will have access to the conference room, lunch room, and the other important components of the how an office space should work for the collective effort.


One of the most important aspects of launching a startup, namely finance, also means being dedicated to the bookkeeping and learning the ropes on how to manage money to maximize your opportunity. This portion of the forum includes all aspects of the financials from payroll to budget and how to properly note and report every transaction with incoming funds and outgoing as well.


It all matters, and the WorldWebForum was designed for the sole purpose of helping startups get what they need.