The Great Founder of Real Wealth Strategist and a financial advisor: Matt Badiali

It is very rare for a kid who has been brought up in some struggle to make a major difference in the investment world. However, Matt Badiali is one of the rare people who has turned their lives into success despite the way they were brought up. Matt Badiali is a reputable figure who is known in many circles including being the best financial advisor and a very wise investor.

A Look at His Education and Career Path

Matt’s knowledge and expertise in the natural resources industry can be traced from his educational background. After he accomplished his high school studies, Matt Badiali went to Penn State University where he pursued a degree in science. Later He joined Florida Atlantic University where Matt Badiali earned a Geological Studies masters degree.

As he pursued his doctorate course in Philosophy, Badiali had an opportunity to be introduced in the business as well as finance world. This was the turning point of his entire career. Matt worked very hard in understanding the challenging venture of finance.

His attempts were successful and as a result, he managed to attract thousands of clients as well as corporate entities who were in need of insightful, trustworthy and timely information related to finance and investment. Since his career started, the great Matt Badiali has been able to provide the most needed advice on the most critical problems affecting the industry or deemed to happen. Notably, the Titan is well-known for taking part in the formation of the solution toward non-renewable energy, which will be extinct soon.

Matt and the Real Wealth Strategist

No long ago, Mr. Matt Badiali was able to launch the great Real Wealth Strategist newsletter. This is a newsletter that attracted thousands of readers who were in need of his advice on investment and financial matters.

The information in the newsletters is crucial in helping people to invest in natural resources and in metals and earn significant profits. Some of the highest potential natural resources include mining materials, the gas industry, energy and precious metal just to mention a few. In particular, Matt targets any value that is offered by Mother Nature.

George Soros Pushing Reform and Helping Struggling Corporations

George Soros has a habit of putting his money to use for him in liberal causes that he views as worthwhile, and that has meant that throughout the previous election cycle he committed or donate at least $25 million in failed attempt to get Hilary Clinton elected and other Democrats into office as well. Now that Trump has won the top spot, he is certainly not pleased with the outcome, but he is still working alongside other major liberal funders in order to assess the situation and take on the initiative in other ways.

One definitely has to know who his friends are, and the outpouring of political contributions is one of the clear indications as to which side everyone is on. Taking that metric as a means of identification, George Soros has since met behind closed doors with a high-profile group of leaders which included everyone from Nancy Pelosi to Senator Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison. They will continue to fight against Trump’s initiatives even after his first 100 days have already revealed much about his ideas and plans to disassemble former President Obama’s achievements according to their collective opinion.

George Soros will continue to push back against the right as he continues to make his billions work for him in the areas of immigration and criminal justice reform. He seems to have fair better in some of the other races such as the defeat of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio where his $2 million donation likely had much to do with the outcome there. With 2017 and 2018 races looming, he looks to continue to support those with similar ideologies around the nation in even the smaller races that are often overlooked by many others in view of the larger arena.

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However, this entire political squabble does not mean that George Soros the gentleman investor is going to let his corporate investments and fund management slide into the background. His main vehicle there is the Soros Fund Management organization that operates a private investment fund by the name of Quantum Partners. Together they just acquired struggling Violin Memory which once held prominence in the area of data storage hardware and corporate data centers. Violin was one of the premier players in the area of flash memory, but now struggles to compete with big names such as HP and EMC. The hope is that Quantum can use their prowess to get the company back into the fiercely competitive field with profit. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Overall, George Soros continue to operate efficiently despite the criticism (much of it unwarranted) that he receives from many of the organizations and people who are aligning with the players on the opposite end of the spectrum. He is simply a businessman trying to continue to convert advantages anywhere that he sees fit as he continues to age well into his 80’s with 5 children looking to carry his name even further into the history books of the United States as well as other nations around the world. Read this story about George at