Bob Reina Focuses on WebRTC Tech With Latest Release.

The introduction and corresponding development of WebRTC technology has turned into one of the biggest technological game changers in online marketing. Leading the way to embrace WebRTC technology has been the Florida-based company, Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion, led by Bob Reina, has been in the video marketing and direct selling industry for the past decade. Reina and his team have been pivotal in introducing several marketing products that have changed the way companies approach their customer outreach. Now, Reina and his team are focused on showing off their latest marketing solution: Live Meetings.


Live Meetings is Talk Fusion’s response to a rapidly changing marketplace that has put more and more emphasis on the ability to network directly with clients, rather than passively. Live Meetings is a video conferencing application that allows up to 15 users, selected by the company, to broadcast video in one-way fashion to an audience of nearly 500 viewers. Live Meetings helps companies set up the ability to send out an interactive, mass-video outreach in a way that just isn’t being done.


Built on WebRTC technology, Live Meetings is a fluid and efficient interface that works across all major platforms without any of the hassles that comes along with traditional video marketing solutions. Talk Fusion’s decision to roll with WebRTC technology was a big one and it came on the heels of their success with the Video Email application that they had released just a year ago, also built on WebRTC technology.


CEO Bob Reina and CTO Ryan Page have both doubled down on the efficiency of WebRTC technology as a building block for their products. A huge aspect of this technology is the fact that there are no plugins or software downloads required to utilize the products. WebRTC technology creates a frictionless experience for both user and supplier, thus improving the experience for all parties involved.


Bob Reina knows that his products are top-of-the-line and he also knows that people are looking for ways to embrace them. That is why Talk Fusion opened up the online Talk Fusion University. At the online Talk Fusion University, prospective associates can learn the ins and outs of the Talk Fusion product in order to begin direct-selling themselves. With Live Meetings currently changing the marketplace, associates are flooding in to help spread the word and in doing so improve their own prospects as a result. With Talk Fusion’s WebRTC success, it only seems like a matter of time until their whole catalog makes the transition. Learn more: