Tony Petrello in philanthropy

Tony Petrello is currently one of the top corporate executives in the United States. He is the CEO of Nabors Industries, the biggest oil and gas drilling company in the country. The company is also the supplier of the best drilling technology in the whole world. Tony Petrello is a person who has been through it all in his life. The position he holds now is a result of hard work and commitment to the important things in life. He has made sure that his life is a success by sticking with the best practices in life. He has never allowed the position he holds to get into his head and forget where he has come from. He started from very low when he was born in Newark, NJ.

Tony Petrello has worked his way up the ladder by concentrating on the lessons he was taught when growing up in Newark. He was taught about the importance of hard work and work ethics. He grew up knowing that he had to work for the fine things in life that he wished for. He also grew up knowing that he had to make money legitimately and by treating other people with dignity. The people of Newark were very caring. No one would be allowed to go to sleep hungry by their neighbors. The people here supported one another, and that is the upbringing that Tony Petrello had. This is why his lie today is a success despite going through a challenging childhood.

Tony Petrello is still demonstrating the important lessons that he was taught in his early life even today. He is making a difference in the lives of the people by concentrating on the important things which he believes have potential to change lives. Through his work at Nabors Industries, he is creating job opportunities for hundreds of Americans while at the same helping in the economic development of the country.

Tony is now giving back to the community following the teachings he learned at a young age. He is now concentrating on supporting the needy people and the needy causes. For instance, he has been contributing to charity. He has assisted numerous people by making financial and physical contributions. He is known for supporting the development of a neurological research center in Texas. He has funded this institution with $5 million which has gone to research work that will lead to the development of treatment procedure of children suffering from neurological disorders.

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Rick Shinto: revolutionizing Innovacare into a world-class healthcare provider

Dr. Rick Shinto, CEO and President of Innovacare Health Solutions, LLC since 2012, has over 20 years of experience in managed care. Before joining Innovacare, Rick worked at AVEA Inc. as eh chief executive officer for four years till its sale in 2012. He began his medical career as a pulmonologist and intern in Southern California. Rick had also worked in several other medical facilities such as Medical Pathways where he was the Chief Operating Officer as well as Chief Medical Officer before which he was the vice president at MedPartners from 1996 to 1997. Working as CMO for NAMM and Cal Optima Plan further broadened his experience.


Dr. Shinto is also well learned and holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of California and a master’s in business administration from the University of Redlands. Rick got his medical knowledge by studying, medicine at the State University of New York. Being a seasoned professional, Rick has authored several articles in clinical medicine and healthcare. He has also earned several awards including Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Access to Caring Award at the University of Health Sciences of Western University celebrated their annual tribute o he Caring. He was deemed deserving of the award due to his accomplishment in advancing health care services to the poor.


With Rick at the helm of Innovacare, the institution has accomplished several fees including being able to have a market share of 70%, as a result of reforms that Rick introduced. His achievement was remarkable considering the stiff competition the company faced form insurance firms. Innova care has established other affiliates, MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice Inc., which have pushed it to be the leading Medicare provider.


Rick Shino insists that everyone at Innovare should perform his best and has redefined the healthcare provider by the mission statement. He envisions the company to be top-class and works relentlessly to ensure that it is. Under his management, the most valuable qualities are transparency and excellent working relations. According to him, Innovacare only hires professional o to ensure that the growth of the company continues without any instability. Having a team of professionals also facilitates the firm in providing satisfactory services in all aspects.

Innova care is a top healthcare facility in North America. Its specialties are Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and physician activities. In Puerto Rico, it operates MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice.s


The Trabuco Stills Captivates People Today

Could you imagine stepping outside of your home seeing a huge 25 weapon that had the ability to hurl 2-ton rocks in your direction? Most people today cannot fathom what it would be like to encounter one of these great weapons. In the past when people saw armies with trabucos they trembled with fear. They knew that these awesome weapons could easily destroy a castle or lay siege to a town for months. What were so fascinating about the trabucos? Let’s take a deeper look at how these machines of war work.

First, the trabuco was designed to break through fortifications and to reign projectiles against enemies from great distances. When an army used this weapon on the battlefield they set these massive weapons a good distance away from their targets. Armies would place platoons of soldiers in front of the trabuco. The men who operated these fantastic weapons would also be prepared for armed combat if attackers tried to overrun their position.


Once this war machine was put into place, the crews who operated them would continue to fire them at a rapid pace. The trabuco could be sued to launch everything from large heavy stones or flammable oil that would stick to whatever target it hit. This type of oil was known as Greek fire and it was a deadly thick substance that was hard to extinguish once it struck a target.

The force of this weapon could not be denied. Once it slung an object through the air, the item would go flying through the atmosphere until it struck its target. When this apparatus was engaged in battle a crew would have to be mindful about where they would launch their next missile according to If they were trying to take down a fortress they would have to figure out what was the weakest point on the structure and aim at that particular point. Once a trabuco hit its target it could cause enough damage to weaken the structure. Eventually, it will crumble. The trabuco or trebuchet is a weapon that still captivates people today.

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Rocketship Education Gets Attention From Parents

A number of people have been wondering if there is any type of change when it comes to the education system. Rocketship Education is the answer for people that may have had this question. In the underserved communities where poverty is at a high there is a platform for education that makes it possible for underprivileged students to still learn acquire a quality education.

With more than 15,000 students being served it is evident that Rocketship Education is on a mission to help those students that would otherwise not be able to get the type of education that a charter school system is bringing. There are many children that have great intelligence and great minds, but there minds are always limited based on the type of education that they receive.

With a tailor made system that is personalized based on the student there is going to be a better chance for children to go to college if they are part of the Rocketship Education program. They are going to get a better taste of what it is like to engage in science projects and virtual learning that goes beyond book formats.

The growth in the amount of students that are attending schools is a direct result of the expansion of this school system. More people are seeing chances for their children to become part of Rocketship education because the school has expanded beyond California. There are now schools in Wisconsin and Washington. There is also a new school that has just been created recently in Tennessee.

This outstanding growth is something that has allowed more of these students to become situated with a whole new world of education where they are able to benefit from system where students have access to more material. There are more possibilities when a school system is designed to help those that are from underprivileged neighborhoods.

It is definitely something that benefits kids that have been part of traditional school systems in the past. It plays an important part in building a whole new outlook on how students view education because the learning process is different.


James Larkin

Poverty was not enough to make James Larkin hopeless of a better future for himself and his family. Many people living and others being brought up in poverty often do not imagine their lives changing and becoming better or turning towards a better direction. James Larkin worked his way up life’s ladder, with nothing being enough to hold him back.


He met very many people in his life who influenced his life positively. Others not only made an impact in his life but also helped him worked towards his success in life. Success for James Larkin did not mean being very rich and owning a lot of property. Often, success is confused with richness, and at times it is said to be equaled self-fulfillment. For James Larkin, self-fulfillment was achieving equality of rights for the state people and even in other countries.


Having gone through the jaws of injustice and survived, James Larkin’s urge to seek justice and equality of rights for employees was just fueled. He did not stop at anything until in his quest for the rights of the workers who were being oppressed because of their low levels of experience. This was not fair, and trade unions were not as vigorous in fighting for what was fair as James Larkin was.


He made his first step towards introducing change in England when he became part of the influential NUDL. The Irish Labor Party and also the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union came to know how hard James Larkin had dedicated his life to fighting for equal treatment of workers.


He began trade unionism soon after his marriage. Elizabeth Brown, his wife, was initially very supportive of James Larkin’s activities. After the birth of their children, however, things changed, and Elizabeth wanted Jim to stick more to the family. James Larkin alone knew how hard life could get, and watching his children go through the same was not pleasing at all. He went on with the organization of NUDL, then later formed ITGWU and went ahead with the Irish Labor Party. His death in 1947 came after James had achieved quite a lot in his life.

Securus Technologies deploys battlefield-inspired tech to stop contraband phones

Many experts in different fields have declared the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq prosecuted by the United States to be abysmal failures by almost every possible measure. The United States was unable to achieve any of its stated objectives in either of those theatres, and it was later revealed that the Bush Administration had either lied outright or demonstrated extreme incompetence in laying out the case for the wars.


However, like with most conflicts throughout history, there are a few silver linings to be found in America’s wayward Mideast adventures. One of the beneficial things to have come out of the Iraq and Afghanistan war was a device that was created in response to the extreme threat posed by the enemy’s easy use of cellphones for effective communications.


The so-called Stingray system was able to pinpoint the location of any cellular device being used within its operational radius. Stingray could also be used to either block or intercept any cellular communications originating from within its range, allowing the user to either shut down the enemy’s communications or listen in to what was being said. Ultimately, the Stingray system became a stalwart of almost every patrol run by U.S. forces within the Middle East, giving crucial intelligence on the movement of enemy insurgents and saving many U.S. lives in the process.


Now, Securus Technologies, one of the most important prison communications and security firms in the country, has adapted that proven wartime technology for use on a different battlefield: the U.S. prison system. Known as its Wireless Containment System, Securus has devised a high-tech answer to the scourge of contraband cellphones that have flooded the nation’s carceral institutions over the last two decades. These phones have given dangerous and highly organized criminal gangs a huge leg up over the guards assigned to protect the public and the nation’s prisons.


But now, that edge has been almost completely nullified by the ingenuity of Securus and its engineers. The Wireless Containment System has been deployed now for just over two years in a number of select U.S. prisons. The results indicate that the system is nearly 100 percent effective at accomplishing its mission; it has been able to block almost all outgoing calls from illicit cellphones in the institutions where it has been installed.


The system is not currently deployed at most prisons throughout the United States, however. Securus recently was granted full FCC approval for the Wireless Containment System, meaning that the company now has the green light to install the system in prisons and jails across the country, even those in urban settings where there may have been risks of interfering with legitimate cellular traffic.


The WCS is just another example of how Securus is keeping America and its prisons safe through technology.

Hussain Sajwani Took Home Top Property CEO Award At CEO Middle East

The CEO Middle East Awards recognize some of the regions top entrepreneurs and world-changing company leaders, and in the hospitality industry the Top Property CEO award went to DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani this last year. Sajwani has been the leader behind some of the best hotel, vacation properties and luxury housing communities in the UAE and his company’s portfolio keeps growing by the year. He currently has 5 world class hotels under management with 26 other properties, and his company AUM were last reported at $1.9 billion with future property values likely to put him over $20 billion. What’s made Sajwani’s business management spectacular is how he’s been able to manage the DAMAC Properties budget and keep its debts paid off, and he even was able to recover lost property values after the 2008 housing crisis.


Hussain Sajwani officially started his DAMAC company in 2002, but he had already begun building his portfolio with smaller property purchases in the years leading up to it. He began his professional career in 1981 after graduating from the University of Washington and entering the oil industry first as a contracts manager for GASCO, a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. A few years later he decided to start a catering company that distributed food not only throughout the Middle East, but even into regions in Africa and Europe. The business made millions in revenue and Sajwani was even thanked by US military leaders for supplying personnel with great quality food during the Gulf War of 1991. But Sajwani realized he could do a lot more through buying luxury properties.


Hussain Sajwani started investing in private equity in the early 1990s when he bought stakes in DICO Investments which manages DAMAC’s financial holdings. He also acquired Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles and part of Al Ahlia Insurance Company, and the first big vacation property he completed was Marina Terrace. From there he started building DAMAC Tower with its Versace design, opened the AKOYA property, The Piazza and also has opened several golf course projects with the Trump organization. Sajwani has been a longtime friend of current US President Donald Trump and his family and was an ardent supporter of his presidential campaign.

Getting to Know Dr. Saad Saad

Born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait Dr. Saad Saad was one of eight children. Saad got his medical degre from Egypt’s Cairo University, he was second in his class. Saad went to England for his internship, and forty-five years ago he immigrated to the United States. Dr. Saad did a surgery and pediatric surgery residency and is board certified. Dr. Saad and his wife of forty-two years have four children.




Dr. Saad has developed several pediatric surgical procedures and two of his inventions have been patented. He has done complex pediatric surgeries on thousands including infants, children and teenagers. Dr. Saad has went to Jerusalem on Medical Missions to provide free surgeries to poor children. Before his retirement he was in a position of authority at the K Hovnanian Children Hospital.




Dr. Saad Decided to Become A Medical Professional




In 1965 Saad was in Kuwait attending high school and thought he wanted to be an engineer but the temperatures exceed one hundred and ten degrees during the summer. It only took a couple of summers for him to realize he wanted to work in the air conditioning and decided to be a surgeon.




Dr. Saad’s Mentor and Most Valuable Lesson




Dr. Saad was trained in Charleston, SC by the US’s greatest pediatric surgeon Dr. H Biemann Othersen. The most valuable lesson he learned from him was to be hard working, honest, kind and to treat every child no matter what the religion, color, ability or financial situation.




Dr. Saad’s Philosophy and Habits




The one trend that has Saad excited is genetics and the potential they have for chronic diseases such as cancer. He uses research to get his ideas to come to life, and organization is how he keeps himself productive. He believes that he will not procrastinate as long as he is organized. He would tell his younger self that you can reach any goal that you focus on and are persistent about. He believes that your fate is known by God alone. Learn more:




Dr. Saad is a former surgeon who believes that the two most important things to prepare for surgery are reviewing Medical Records of the patient and confirming the type of procedure you are going to perform. The steps of the procedure should be reviewed especially when it is complex to ensure that you know exactly what you are doing.




Dr. Saad would keep his focus in the operating room by eliminating personal conversations and loud music. He would ensure he had quality sleep the night before and ate breakfast before entering the operating room.



The Accomplished Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi History & Background

There is no denying that Dr. David Samadi has accomplished much more than many in his field can say that they have. When analyzing how successful Dr. David Samaddi has become, it truly is astonishing to see how far he has come in such a competitive and demanding field of work. Also, when considering the amount of dedication and hard work Dr. David Samadi has put in over the years, it becomes more easy to see how far he has come in his career. What is even more amazing is the fact that Dr. David Samadi is not nearly done adding to his already incredible career. Needless to say, Dr. David Samadi has built a legacy with what he has accomplished so far. The fact that he is far from over just speaks volumes to the kind of man Dr. David Samadi really is.

That being said, Dr. David Samadi will be the first one to say that he had a long and hard road to get to where he is today. Having been born and raised in Iran at a time where it was very dangerous to live, the odds were already stacked against him from a very early age. In fact, David Samadi had to leave his home country at the young age of 15 to escape the horrors of the Iranian Revolution. With his mind set on becoming someone amazing in this world, David Samadi had the mindset to provide a better future for him and his family under any circumstances. it goes without saying that David Samadi would not only go one to do just that in his career but, also accomplish so much more. To know more about him click here.

More on Dr. David Samadi& His Successful Career

With what has become a very distinguished career in the medical world, Dr. David Samadi has plenty of accolades to his name. For one, Dr. David Samadi received his education from various prestigious universities including Stony Brooke University in the United States. After having an obvious successful academic career, David Samadi would quickly find work as a Chairman of Urology, Chief of Robotic Surgery, and other highly regarded and very skillful roles only fit fo the most successful of practitioners. Without having to overstate how amazing Dr. David Samadi has been in the medical field, simply put, Dr. David Samadi has earned every bit of the respect and trust he receives on a daily basis today.

Tony Petrello Challenges The Greedy And Vain Stereotype Of Oil Executives

There is a lot of stereotyping and hostility towards people who are different positions. Among the people that are getting stereotyped the most are the oil executives. They are often the people that are seen as greedy as well as vain. Fortunately, there are some executives that are actually generous with the money they are making.

One person who is generous with his earnings is Tony Petrello. He is very involved in philanthropy. One of the reasons that Tony keeps himself involved in philanthropy is because he is aware of his advantage in his community. He is also willing to show compassion to people and life that needs it.

One thing that Anthony Petrello has shown himself to have is a caring heart. He is the type of person that would see someone who is facing hardships and attempt to lighten the load for the person so that he can at least get some kind of perspective about the next step. One thing that can happen to an individual who is faced with hardships is that he can become so overwhelmed that he loses track of everything according to With help from others that can help, the struggling person can get a new perspective on the next step.

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As with other philanthropists, Tony Petrello has started small. He has then increased his efforts so that he can be even more effective. He has also increased his efforts as he has learned more about the activities that he can be a part of when it comes to philanthropy.

One of the most common sayings is that money allows people to be more of who they really are. Tony Petrello has been involved in acts of philanthropy long before he has become the CEO of Nabors Industries. Therefore, when he has increased his income, he has also increased the amount of money that he is able to donate to foundations in order to help people with different struggles. Tony Petrello is one of the people who is involved in the struggles of people in various parts of the world. Therefore, he is an example of the compassion that the world is in major need of.

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